Monday, November 16, 2009

Essence, guardian of the remaining histories of Felitika and those descended tells the children of those who were the last to escape the dying planet of the creation story of their people. This is the Felisian mythos and the basis for their theology.

A skull comparison and pelvic analyzation.

A size comparison of the celestial bodies of the du-Sol system. there is also information on the re-sequencing of the planetary orbits after the Nova of the larger sun Sol Magus.

Atmospheric analysis information.

Missing info:
Minaeus "Heart (of the) Small Stone"
No moons
Atmosphere: Minimal; 50% Nitrogen, 40% Carbon Dioxide, 10% trace and lesser gases
Surface: Iron Oxide stone, Obsidian, Granite; no water

Felitaka (Felis Dominstras) "Home (of the) People
One moon: Kitahlun "Moon Child"
Atmosphere: Full; 50% Hydrogen, 45% Oxygen, 5% trace and lesser gases
Surface: Sedimentary Stone, Granite; 60% water/ ice coverage

Diagrams from the Hall of Felisian Records, as presented by Loxodon Aliphante.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I made this postcard just for fun. That's me flying my Wright Brother's kite from last April. Thought it would be fun before all the nerdy stuff.

Since football season I've been trying to finalize a bunch of my Felitika (Felisian home world) stuff. I drew this map. The first image shows the complete map.

The second map shows the basic layout of the major ecosystems. As with our planet Earth (Terra) there are many smaller environmental ecosystems with each area.

Lastly is a political map with kingdom borders, names and major cities in purple. The Names in red are actually geographical landmarks (mountains, large bodies of water, etc). The names of the landmarks are Celairean, coined mostly by the explorer L'Cann (more on him later). I didn't feel like naming the rivers or continents. Sorry. The large fields of colors show the ranges of the still existing aboriginal tribes of Felitika. the FEL are actually a devolved Felisapian species, similar as Neanderthals are to us. They've managed to survived on the isolated island. Hawshohk are the horse people I created in a story MANY years ago called "Tide and Trail". They are carnivorous horses and are a savage people. the KASII are peaceful island people. I'd compare them to the tribes or the Pacific. This include the Polynesians and Maori. The Poshaw (also created in "Tide and Trail") are the most developed and actual have a few main tribes (more on that at another time). They are most closely like Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest, plains and South America.

Sorry about the MAJOR gap in info, those of you who ACTUALLY read this.

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's been a million years since I've worked on my Felisian project. (a friend called me the Tolken of cat people). During my time at Real Networks doing football, I've had a chance to work on ALOT of Feli stuff. I wrote biographies of all my main characters, drew model sheets for all of them, figured out the geography of Felitika (the Felisapian home world) and have been developing a language. Mostly it's just nouns, but out of pure nerdiness, I wrote and translated a poem.
' behind an e is supposed to be over the e, but I don't know how to type that.

M'are' Cele'feli....................I am the light of the people
M'are' Aqua Delare'.................I am the water of life
M'are' Popo Shohk...................I am the strong father
M'are' Ne'ne' Phe'..................I am the beautiful mother
Du Soles M'ser......................The suns are my eyes
Aquaiis M'uma.......................The seas are my womb
Magdar Ke'to........................Darkness is the ending
Pyr Roura...........................The fire is seductive
Del Tika Mage' Shohk................We are the saviors
Hora Shaw...........................Time is a journey
Feli Kitah Are' Irih................Children are gifts
Irih Pyr Terda I'th.................Bring fire to the ice lands
Irih Aquarr Niihosh.................Bring water to the desert
Rit-ha Aquarr Hosh..................Quench your thirst
Niiare' Are' Phe'...................Live free and in peace
M'are' Cele'feli....................I am the light of the people
M'are' Y'tika.......................I have made you a home

Basically, how I created this was in middle school and highschool when I was bored and busy being unpopular and certains words sounded cool so I named planets and stuff and then noticed similarities and figured out what they meant. Then I started messing around and created more words. I have like 80 words and some phrases. Like Ne' is female or girl, Ne'ne' is mother. Shorim is wise, so Ne'ne'shor is grandmother.

I've also created some fauna (animals) native to the planet. My thought are that since the sentient races on the planet are all mammalian, so the other animals are all reptils and birds. Of course there are fish in the water and all sorts of invertabrates, but they don't interest me as much.

Other things that are upcoming are all my maps that I've been creating, including georgraphical and political. I also started writing a basic world history summary, and created an explorer like Magellan who sails are the continents and thereby discovers new kingdoms and cities, evetually establishing trade routes. At some point I'll use the model sheets I've created as a way to display samples of traditional Felisian dress as localized by kingdom.

Sorry I have no cool images for you today.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Blogger didn't hate me tonight!
So, as the story goes:
"FELIDAE The name given to a family of carnivors destined for greatness on two worlds:
to be reveared as gods
to be minions of evil
to be companions
on both worlds.
But on one, they were to grow and live as we do
and from their birth on Earth they would return
from where they were taken
by those that we will never know
for a reason we have yet to learn.
this is the story of the cats, and how they grew, and lived."

Pg.1 Shows how Smilodons, ancestors of cats were taken from earth by the unnamed sentiant race.
Pg.2 Describes the solar system, as mentioned in the post on zeta Riticulii.
Pg.3 Illustrates their evolution, almost as a parallel to our own. It also shows the 'Fel', Felisapian Imperium hunting. This species is similar to Neanderthal Man.
Pg. 4 Shows the 'Fel' hunting in another ecosystem abd begins to describe how the ecosystems are so distinct that they are the borders of the various kingdoms. On this page is the Kingdom of I'thiica, or "tent of Ice"
Pg. 5 Shows more of I'thiica
Pg. 6 Begins to show the borders of the kingdoms. Arbrion "Long/Tall Shadow" and Celaire "Shining Spirit". Arbrion is a temperate forest and borders Celaire, which is mostly savannahs and plains, though it borders I'thiica to the south-west.
Pg. 7 Shows some personality to Celaire. Jag, a border guard and a Celairian village.
Pg. 8 Is a view of Leondar "Night King". Even though it's name implies darkness, Leondar is a place of light. the archietecture is supposed to remind the beholder of the sun and sky. the domes represent the curvature of the planet with blue glass to enhanse even the greyist sky and gold to shine in the sun. Leondar is a city of affluence and is the seat of the Celairian king and the Felisian council.

More to come.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


i appologize if it's hard to read. these images are all from my "Felidea" actually book I did for senior portfolio illustration to tell George. This one is number two.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I've been rather neglectful of this, so in light of that fact...MASS POST!
Or at least I tried to. Blogger isn't letting me upload multiple images. Lame.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

So, go me! I identified the various skull features and muscles of a felisapian face! This is no particular character...but it kinda looks like Allyn....ewwwww. Such a douche!

my refrences are "Drawing Animals" by Norman Adams and Joe Singer, "Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist" by Stephen Rogers Peck and a neato image I found thanks to Google. If you can, invert the image. It looks better with black text on white.