Friday, February 13, 2009

I made this postcard just for fun. That's me flying my Wright Brother's kite from last April. Thought it would be fun before all the nerdy stuff.

Since football season I've been trying to finalize a bunch of my Felitika (Felisian home world) stuff. I drew this map. The first image shows the complete map.

The second map shows the basic layout of the major ecosystems. As with our planet Earth (Terra) there are many smaller environmental ecosystems with each area.

Lastly is a political map with kingdom borders, names and major cities in purple. The Names in red are actually geographical landmarks (mountains, large bodies of water, etc). The names of the landmarks are Celairean, coined mostly by the explorer L'Cann (more on him later). I didn't feel like naming the rivers or continents. Sorry. The large fields of colors show the ranges of the still existing aboriginal tribes of Felitika. the FEL are actually a devolved Felisapian species, similar as Neanderthals are to us. They've managed to survived on the isolated island. Hawshohk are the horse people I created in a story MANY years ago called "Tide and Trail". They are carnivorous horses and are a savage people. the KASII are peaceful island people. I'd compare them to the tribes or the Pacific. This include the Polynesians and Maori. The Poshaw (also created in "Tide and Trail") are the most developed and actual have a few main tribes (more on that at another time). They are most closely like Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest, plains and South America.

Sorry about the MAJOR gap in info, those of you who ACTUALLY read this.


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