Monday, December 19, 2005

Zeta Reticuli

Anyone from Myspace remember this from October 2004? I had to find my old post to remember the name, since I hadn't written it down. But that was the binary star system where everyone says the 'grey aliens' come from. I'm going to say in a fictitional sense, that they miss percieved the vistors, for they were truely slender, though FELINE in form. Though the Feli never 'abduct' people. In some creepy inter-special relationship sense, they can easily seduce them, which might be interperated as abduction. Feli also have inter-planetary spacetravel technology, though don't really use it. They're kinda home bodies.

But so, I'm gradually trying to add as much of a sense of realism to my stories and the characters as I possibly can. So, here is MY interpretation of the binary star system, Du Sol (as the feli call it).

In the left foreground is the large, volitile planet Drakocities, being crested by the smaller sun. In the right foreground is Aquarado, a planet of mostly water. In the center is Felitika "Home of the People" and it's one moon. To its right is the larger sun and the small, baked planet Mineus.

More info to come!


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