Thursday, February 09, 2006

Blogger didn't hate me tonight!
So, as the story goes:
"FELIDAE The name given to a family of carnivors destined for greatness on two worlds:
to be reveared as gods
to be minions of evil
to be companions
on both worlds.
But on one, they were to grow and live as we do
and from their birth on Earth they would return
from where they were taken
by those that we will never know
for a reason we have yet to learn.
this is the story of the cats, and how they grew, and lived."

Pg.1 Shows how Smilodons, ancestors of cats were taken from earth by the unnamed sentiant race.
Pg.2 Describes the solar system, as mentioned in the post on zeta Riticulii.
Pg.3 Illustrates their evolution, almost as a parallel to our own. It also shows the 'Fel', Felisapian Imperium hunting. This species is similar to Neanderthal Man.
Pg. 4 Shows the 'Fel' hunting in another ecosystem abd begins to describe how the ecosystems are so distinct that they are the borders of the various kingdoms. On this page is the Kingdom of I'thiica, or "tent of Ice"
Pg. 5 Shows more of I'thiica
Pg. 6 Begins to show the borders of the kingdoms. Arbrion "Long/Tall Shadow" and Celaire "Shining Spirit". Arbrion is a temperate forest and borders Celaire, which is mostly savannahs and plains, though it borders I'thiica to the south-west.
Pg. 7 Shows some personality to Celaire. Jag, a border guard and a Celairian village.
Pg. 8 Is a view of Leondar "Night King". Even though it's name implies darkness, Leondar is a place of light. the archietecture is supposed to remind the beholder of the sun and sky. the domes represent the curvature of the planet with blue glass to enhanse even the greyist sky and gold to shine in the sun. Leondar is a city of affluence and is the seat of the Celairian king and the Felisian council.

More to come.


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